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Trumpeting Final

“Trump”-eting: Marketing Your Way to Inauguration Day [3 Key Takeaways]

Friday. Inauguration day. Doomsday. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Ok, this article is NOT a political rant. However, there will be the occasional stab. If you're okay with that, let's continue! Regardless of your political sway, as marketers there are some positive points we can all learn from in regards to the way the Trump Presidential campaign was constructed. And, unlike most of the President-elect's Tweets,…

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Digital Marketing Trends that will help us make our clients more successful in 2017

2016 brought about many fundamental changes in the way we work. These changes made our team more effective and our customers more successful. Because we use the available digital marketing tools ourselves, we needed less time and energy for acquisition – time that we were able to use for our customers and the strategic advancement of our services. In today's blog article, I would like to take a look at some of the current trends…

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Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 2: How to get more leads for your business

In part 1 of this 4 part series we took a look at the first step& of the 4 Inbound Marketing Activities - Attract. In part 2 we will continue exploring Inbound Marketing by discussing the second step - Convert. AC/CD Step 2 - Convert Now that you’ve attracted visitors to your website it’s time to covert them into leads. But in order for someone to be a lead, you obviously need to have some information about them,…

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Online Marketing: What is Best for Your Basel Business

“Marketing KPIs,” “Sales Ready Leads,” “Conversion Rate,” “Marketing ROI,” “Lead Generation”… Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. For any modern marketer, these terms may begin to lose meaning over time. Worse than that, some of us might not even understand what they mean or how they fit together into a marketing campaign or strategy. Are you feeling adrift in a sea of seemingly endless online marketing options?   Your Personal Marketing Pond I am…

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Inbound Marketing statistics you should know

The following Inbound Marketing statistics prove that Inbound works. We will continually add to them as we find more interesting numbers, data and facts for you. Unless otherwise mentioned, these statistics come from Hubspot. AHA Factory is a certified Hubspot agency partner for Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing: 80% of companies are already practicing Inbound Marketing. Half of all marketers prefer using inbound activities for lead generation. In B2B, B2C and Non-Profit. Over 90% of companies practicing Inbound Marketing have increased their web traffic. One third of them even increased…

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