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How To Use Parsehub

How To Scrape Data From A Webpage With ParseHub: Your Contact List’s Architect

Recently I have fallen in love with a new (to me) tool called ParseHub. It is, among other things, an incredible tool for scraping webpages. If you are unfamiliar with what it means to "scrape" a site, no worries. Put simply, it is using a tool to parse and extract (or extract then parse) data from a webpage(s). This can be an invaluable way to create fast lists for your marketing campaigns. Using ParseHub could…

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Online Marketing What Are You Missing EN

Basel Business Online Marketing 2017: What Are You Missing?

To view online marketing in a city-centric, or even regional way might seem strange in 2017. After all, the internet has effectively flattened the world and globalized industry in a way like never before. However, with the sky-rocketing rise in mobile search, "local" search has put the spotlight back on the neighborhoods, and given smaller businesses the chance to rub shoulders with larger companies in search results. So the question is, what is your Basel…

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Boxing Gloves Inbound Vs Online

What’s the Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Online Marketing?

So, what's the difference between inbound marketing and online marketing? It's an obvious question, but before you can move your business' marketing plans forward, it is important to know exactly how these different terms are defined. Simply put: Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology with many moving pieces that ATTRACTS potential customers to your company's online presence. Online marketing (or internet marketing) is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of standalone marketing tactics to market TO your…

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Does Inbound Marketing REALLY Work for Basel?

The inbound marketing method was birthed over ten years ago. That may come as a shock to many of us here in Europe. Since then, tens of thousands of companies, especially in North America, have latched on to this principle and have increased contacts, leads and sales as a result. Need proof? You can find countless case studies of inbound marketing success here. The question remains though, does it really work in Europe... in Switzerland... in Basel? Just…

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How to Increase Your Basel Business Local Search Ranking in 2017: Actionable SEO Tips

Local search ranking has been a pretty hot topic over the past couple years. As Google continues to strive to deliver the absolute best results to the user (after their ads of course), changes will continue to be made. It seems that ranking for local searches has become harder and harder as Google keeps tightening the SERP-Belt. We are here to help you check off what is important in order to best compete in the…

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Press Conference

BREAKING NEWS: Basel Business Blows Entire 2017 Online Marketing Budget; Marketing Goals Still to be Determined

**Wednesday March 8, 2017: Basel, Switzerland A major company based in Basel reported late last night that, "It's all gone!" In a hurried press conference held on the steps of corporate headquarters, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) shared the exciting news to a crowd of cheering employees. "I don't know how it happened... it just did," he said through a smile, "I'm really excited about what this might mean for our company. We've never spent…

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Inbound Methodology For Business To Person Marekting Basel Messe

Hey Basel, Forget B2B and B2C Marketing. There is a New Player in Town: B2P (Business-To-People)

In business and marketing, we normally group companies into two basic categories: B2B and B2C (business-to-business and business-to-consumer). This makes perfect sense as B2B and B2C companies have very unique challenges they must address and overcome. But does this make sense for 2017 and years following?   B2B and B2C Marketing - A Quick Recap B2B marketing is primarily about getting "leads" through detailed and analytic presentations about value propositions and return on investment (ROI).…

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17 SEO Myths – What You Need to Know for 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a pretty scary and daunting topic. We all know it is important to be easily found online, and a huge part of that is ranking high in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However, SEO is constantly evolving and it's hard to stay up-to-date and competitive. Of course, some core principles may stick around forever, but some have changed slightly and others have already come and gone again. As a result, many of the…

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Your Marketing Goals Aren’t Working – Stop the Guesswork and Start Working SMART

No matter how big or small our Basel businesses are, we all have goals we want to reach. But goals come in different shapes and sizes and are broken up into many levels, departments, time-frames, etc. For example, you may have visionary, high-level goals like "be the best in Basel in our industry", more specific goals like "gain 10 new clients per month" or goals that sit somewhere in between like "double in size this year."…

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Smarketing: Align Marketing and Sales and increase Leads and Customers

Smarketing. It's so much more than a cute buzzword. What's more, is that the results of Smarketing, if used correctly, can be an incredible tool for your organization. For those of us not yet familiar, Smarketing is a term made popular by Hubspot, and refers to the internal alignment of a company's Sales and Marketing efforts toward the same goal. How that is done, and to what extent, largely depends on the size and type of company.…

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