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Do I Really Need an Online Marketing Agency?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I REALLY need a marketing agency?” If so, you are not alone. It’s a great question that many small, medium and even large companies have no doubt asked themselves at some point. The rise of affordable and even free online tools for marketing and advertising has promoted a Do-It-Yourself mentality that makes complete sense from the outside. Got a few photos? Just paste them here with some basic ad-copy…

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Inbound Methodology For Business To Person Marekting Basel Messe

Hey Basel, Forget B2B and B2C Marketing. There is a New Player in Town: B2P (Business-To-People)

In business and marketing, we normally group companies into two basic categories: B2B and B2C (business-to-business and business-to-consumer). This makes perfect sense as B2B and B2C companies have very unique challenges they must address and overcome. But does this make sense for 2017 and years following?   B2B and B2C Marketing - A Quick Recap B2B marketing is primarily about getting "leads" through detailed and analytic presentations about value propositions and return on investment (ROI).…

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17 SEO Myths – What You Need to Know for 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a pretty scary and daunting topic. We all know it is important to be easily found online, and a huge part of that is ranking high in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). However, SEO is constantly evolving and it's hard to stay up-to-date and competitive. Of course, some core principles may stick around forever, but some have changed slightly and others have already come and gone again. As a result, many of the…

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Digital Tools

Drowning in Digital Tools

If you're like me you're probably often on the lookout for new tools to streamline your workday. Sometimes this search uncovers some incredible ways to save time or make your life easier in some way. However, sometimes the tools themselves can become a hindrance to your workflow, creating more chaos and sucking time away from your workday. So how do you know for sure if a tool will be helpful before it's too late? Here are…

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Online Marketing in Basel: It’s Time to Let Go of Your Content Strategy

Control of your content strategy... it's time to let go. I don't mean you shouldn't plan your content. Editorial calendars are still important and a great way to keep everyone in your company informed and organized in their content creation. What I mean, is that where that content is posted may not be as important as you think. In business-dense areas like Basel, this may come as a shock to larger companies... and it may be music…

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Your Marketing Goals Aren’t Working – Stop the Guesswork and Start Working SMART

No matter how big or small our Basel businesses are, we all have goals we want to reach. But goals come in different shapes and sizes and are broken up into many levels, departments, time-frames, etc. For example, you may have visionary, high-level goals like "be the best in Basel in our industry", more specific goals like "gain 10 new clients per month" or goals that sit somewhere in between like "double in size this year."…

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Smarketing: Align Marketing and Sales and increase Leads and Customers

Smarketing. It's so much more than a cute buzzword. What's more, is that the results of Smarketing, if used correctly, can be an incredible tool for your organization. For those of us not yet familiar, Smarketing is a term made popular by Hubspot, and refers to the internal alignment of a company's Sales and Marketing efforts toward the same goal. How that is done, and to what extent, largely depends on the size and type of company.…

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Streamline Sales And Marketing

Streamline Sales and Marketing: How to make a Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Sales and Marketing don't always agree (and as much as we may want to deny it, they are intrinsically linked). Both think they're right and they can't seem to fully understand the other. In the open, they seem to play well together, but behind closed doors it's often like this...   Sales and Marketing must learn how to work well together as one cannot effectively do their job without the other. But why exactly are these two departments notoriously…

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Trumpeting Final

“Trump”-eting: Marketing Your Way to Inauguration Day [3 Key Takeaways]

Friday. Inauguration day. Doomsday. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Ok, this article is NOT a political rant. However, there will be the occasional stab. If you're okay with that, let's continue! Regardless of your political sway, as marketers there are some positive points we can all learn from in regards to the way the Trump Presidential campaign was constructed. And, unlike most of the President-elect's Tweets,…

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Digital Marketing Trends that will help us make our clients more successful in 2017

2016 brought about many fundamental changes in the way we work. These changes made our team more effective and our customers more successful. Because we use the available digital marketing tools ourselves, we needed less time and energy for acquisition – time that we were able to use for our customers and the strategic advancement of our services. In today's blog article, I would like to take a look at some of the current trends…

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