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Powerful customer relationship management (CRM) that helps you sell better and sell faster.

“Customer relationship management” can sound intimidating or unimportant to small- and mid-sized businesses. But what happens when business starts to boom? Or worse, has business not yet boomed at all?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system will help you better interact with customers and prospects by tracking your interactions and keeping said interactions all in one place. This allows your sales team to efficiently and effectively connect with prospects or customers. They will know how many times they visited your site or if they have previously talked to a member of your sales team. With a CRM, you will be able to set achievable sales goals and see real time results.

AHA Factory CRM Screenshot
AHA Factory Marketing Sourcees Screenshot

But it gets even better!

A CRM also allows your sales team to easily share information with your marketing team, giving them the ability to see which leads turn into customers, see what brought them to your website and what pages they looked at before becoming a customer. When your marketing team works in a marketing platform that is integrated with a CRM, they are able to figure out which of their efforts are working best and which ones they need to improve.

At AHA Factory, we help you set up a CRM that integrates with your inbound marketing initiative. We will help you automate workflows and create lead lists so you spend your valuable time with those who are ready to buy.

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