#design Marketing

Marketing Strategy Development

We develop a strategy with you, so your customers learn more about you and understand what it is you offer.

Social Media Marketing Coaching

We make you successful on LInkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

Webdesign & Inbound Marketing

We built a platform for you to reach your customers.

We believe, Marketing and Sales belong together.
Entrepreneurs who do not sell anything leave their kids hungry.

#design Videos

  • We develop video strategies
  • We produce animated explainer videos
  • We support you in producing VLOGS (regular videos for your customers)

#design Business Models

We have already founded several companies and have insight into many more.
We are happy to provide this knowledge for the development of new business models.

#design Team Culture

Strong teams achieve much more than several individual people.
We are happy to support you in building such teams.

#design Ecological and Social

Projects that make our world a better place to live in are particularly important to us.
If you have developed an ecologically sustainable product or if you want to help disadvantaged people with your project, we are particularly happy to support you!