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Are you doing Video Content Marketing right in 2019? 5 rules to answer yes!

How do you know if your video marketing content is resonating or reaching the right people? How do you know if the things you are doing are outdated, or if they are appropriate for 2019 (or 2020 for that matter). I am glad you asked. Let’s quickly go over 5 key rules that will help put your mind at ease and ensure that you and your company are creating video marketing content correctly. Of course…

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Do I Really Need an Online Marketing Agency?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I REALLY need a marketing agency?” If so, you are not alone. It’s a great question that many small, medium and even large companies have no doubt asked themselves at some point. The rise of affordable and even free online tools for marketing and advertising has promoted a Do-It-Yourself mentality that makes complete sense from the outside. Got a few photos? Just paste them here with some basic ad-copy…

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3 Easy Steps To a Stronger CSR Reputation

What is CSR? CSR stands for "Corporate Social Responsibility" which is a self-regulatory policy integrated into a company's business model. Although first introduced in the 1960's, CSR is a subject that has been gaining strength again in the past few years, so much so that many larger companies have hired managers and whole teams in order to keep an active eye on the organization's compliance with ethical standards, both internally and externally. CSR is based…

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Facebook Video Vs Youtube

Facebook vs. Youtube: Which Platform You Should Turn to for Video Marketing in 2017

Data from the Hubspot State of Inbound: 2017 is here, and as expected video marketing is growing at an exponential rate. Some new, interesting statistics show that about half of all marketers questioned said they will be adding Facebook video (46%) or Youtube (48%) to their content distribution strategy in 2017. I am hoping the other half are ALREADY using either Facebook video or Youtube, because the question is no longer, "should I include video marketing in…

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How To Use Parsehub

How To Scrape Data From A Webpage With ParseHub: Your Contact List’s Architect

Recently I have fallen in love with a new (to me) tool called ParseHub. It is, among other things, an incredible tool for scraping webpages. If you are unfamiliar with what it means to "scrape" a site, no worries. Put simply, it is using a tool to parse and extract (or extract then parse) data from a webpage(s). This can be an invaluable way to create fast lists for your marketing campaigns. Using ParseHub could…

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Online Marketing What Are You Missing EN

Basel Business Online Marketing 2017: What Are You Missing?

To view online marketing in a city-centric, or even regional way might seem strange in 2017. After all, the internet has effectively flattened the world and globalized industry in a way like never before. However, with the sky-rocketing rise in mobile search, "local" search has put the spotlight back on the neighborhoods, and given smaller businesses the chance to rub shoulders with larger companies in search results. So the question is, what is your Basel…

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Boxing Gloves Inbound Vs Online

What’s the Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Online Marketing?

So, what's the difference between inbound marketing and online marketing? It's an obvious question, but before you can move your business' marketing plans forward, it is important to know exactly how these different terms are defined. Simply put: Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology with many moving pieces that ATTRACTS potential customers to your company's online presence. Online marketing (or internet marketing) is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of standalone marketing tactics to market TO your…

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4 Easy Ways to Help Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes brainstorming feels more like brain-dilly-dallying; no matter what you do there is just no creative juice flowing. Or perhaps you are totally new to blog article writing and "How to start blogging" can permanently be found in your browser history. Well, instead of (or after) banging your head against the wall, try one of these tricks to help kickstart those blog article ideas. However, before we dive in, let's first assume that you have…

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Mobile-friendly Website

The #1 Sign That You Are Behind Your Competitors Online

At first, this may seem like an easy question. "How do I know if I am behind my competitors online? Sales of course... wait... no, Google SERPs... wait... local search results... ummmm...." It's not such an easy question to answer. There are SO many factors, and the way you answer the question probably depends on your own personal predication. However, keeping in mind changes in Google Algorithms, ranking signals, different marketing campaigns and techniques, I…

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Does Inbound Marketing REALLY Work for Basel?

The inbound marketing method was birthed over ten years ago. That may come as a shock to many of us here in Europe. Since then, tens of thousands of companies, especially in North America, have latched on to this principle and have increased contacts, leads and sales as a result. Need proof? You can find countless case studies of inbound marketing success here. The question remains though, does it really work in Europe... in Switzerland... in Basel? Just…

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