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Video Production

Video Production

Over the past seven years, our in-house video team has produced hundreds of animated AHA! videos for companies. From explanainer videos for new software products to in-house training videos. In AHA! videos, we tell a short story that succinctly highlights the customer benefits. The core of AHA! videos always revolves around the question: “Why does your idea or offer improve people’s lives?”

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

For a video to reach its full potential, it needs to be found by people online. In addition to video production, we design strategies and campaigns for you to distribute your videos. We design landing pages, create social media campaigns, or advise you on video email marketing.

Your Added Value through Videos

Production Process

The Importance of Creative Videos for Your Business

Creative videos are a crucial part of successful business strategies in today’s world. They are an essential tool for capturing the attention of website visitors and communicating brand messages effectively. Videos allow you to quickly communicate your message and offer to potential customers.

We Support You in Video Production

As an agency specializing in video production and video marketing, we can implement a variety of creative approaches, including:

  • Engaging explanatory videos for your products
  • Training videos to strengthen internal communication
  • Advertisements with high recognition value, tailored to your target audience’s age group
  • Short animations that entertainingly highlight the benefits of your offer
  • Short films and sketches
  • Documentaries
  • Instruction videos
  • Interviews and discussions with employees and experts
  • Time-lapse videos
  • 360-degree and virtual reality videos
  • Current social media trends

Our focus in an AHA! video is always on presenting the value proposition clearly and attractively by answering the question from the start: how will your offering improve the lives of your target audience? Interested parties want to understand why this particular offer will improve their lives, and we aim to provide that answer without overwhelming them with statistics, numbers, and facts.

The goal is for your offer to make perfect sense to potential customers through the video, giving them a genuine AHA! experience. After watching the videos we produce for you, every potential customer will have understood how brilliant your offer is in solving their problem.

Only by making your videos more creative than others can you stand out from your competitors in the endless sea of videos, prompting people to pause and take a closer look at your offer. All our videos include a clear call-to-action to encourage the audience to take action.

Our video production includes the following aspects, among others:

Consultation and Conceptualization

We start with a detailed consultation to understand your individual goals or to develop them together. This includes defining the target audience and the precise message you want to convey with the video.

Perhaps you already have an idea that would be ideal for your customers. After all, you know your customers very well. Together we can refine this idea and weave it into an interesting story.

Subsequently, we develop a concept that forms the basis for the video production.

Optimization for Different Platforms

It is crucial to consider which platforms your videos will be used on. Each platform has its own specifications and requirements for posted videos. For instance, when someone searches for a video on YouTube, he expects something different than on platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Especially social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram do not want your videos to redirect viewers to your website – after all, they aim to keep users spending more time within the social networks and not leave them. Utilizing the algorithm to your advantage is essential. That’s why we do not create content with the intention of diverting people away from social media; instead, we prefer to encourage them to pause and reflect. Our goal is for our videos to stay in the audience’s memory, prompting viewers to engage with the company behind them.

That’s why we optimize our videos for the platforms they are intended for – whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or your company website. We are aware of the specific requirements of each platform and tailor the videos accordingly for the best possible performance.

Storytelling and Creativity

Our experts consider both technical and creative aspects to create high-quality content that resonates with the target audience.

Storytelling is a crucial aspect – we rely on creative narratives to present our clients’ messages in an engaging and captivating manner. Viewers quickly build a connection to the characters in a story, even in more technically oriented videos. This is a factor that can make the difference between an average video and one that sticks in the minds of viewers.

Close Collaboration

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the created videos meet their expectations. We regularly provide you with intermediate steps so that you can provide feedback, which we can immediately incorporate into the video creation process. After all, our primary goal is to ensure that the videos we create meet your expectations.

You Receive Effective Support for Your Video Marketing

However, the journey doesn’t end with the publication of the videos – they also have to be effectively marketed afterwards. After all, we not only aim to produce outstanding videos, but also ensure that these contents are discovered and consumed by the right target audience. That’s why we develop strategies and campaigns for the optimal marketing of your videos.

Everything is carefully planned and executed by us to ensure maximum reach and the desired results of the video.

We assist you with video marketing in the following areas, among others:

Use of SEO for Videos

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) not only plays a crucial role in text creation on your website, but also in video marketing. This is essential to guarantee that your videos appear in search engine results.

That’s why we carefully craft titles, video descriptions, and tags using relevant keywords. This ensures that your videos are well-positioned in search results, achieving a broader reach.

Use of SEA for Videos

Furthermore, we support our clients through the use of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) for videos, particularly on platforms like YouTube. We maximize the visibility and reach of your videos by creating targeted advertising campaigns. Through creative ad design and precise audience targeting, we help convey your message to the broadest possible audience.

YouTube currently offers an interesting and cost-effective advertising platform. Here, we have the opportunity to optimally allocate our clients’ advertising budgets to reach a high number of relevant users.

Of course, besides YouTube, there are several other platforms that are useful for SEA in video marketing. While LinkedIn provides a good opportunity for reaching professional audiences through video ads, TikTok is an interesting platform if you want to reach a younger audience and establish a presence through creative video ads.

Get in touch with us so that together we can identify the most suitable platforms for your video marketing.

Design of Landing Pages

We design specialized landing pages aimed at attracting visitors and convincing them of your offer. We prominently feature the video on the landing page and provide additional information to encourage website visitors to take action – whether it’s making a purchase, subscribing, or signing up.

Development of Social Media Campaigns

We assist you in creating social media campaigns to ensure that your videos reach as many people in your target audience as possible on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

We create tailor-made campaigns with video integration to achieve a broader reach. Examples include paid advertising, organic posts, and interactions to increase the chances of the video going viral.

Collaboration with Partners

In case it makes sense in your case, we can support you in collaborating with influencers or other partners. Influencer marketing is an effective way to increase the reach of videos.

Would you like to benefit from this option? We have partners who can help identify suitable influencers or other collaborators in your industry and negotiate partnerships. If these collaborators talk about the video or share it with their followers, it not only makes your video accessible to a broader audience and increases the likelihood of it going viral but can also boost your credibility.

Consultation on Using Videos in Email Marketing

Integrating videos into email marketing campaigns is often very interesting. In general, it can be observed that the inclusion of videos significantly increases the click-through rate of emails.

For example, embedding a video in your newsletter is a good way to make it accessible to your target audience. You can also send personalized content and advertising in the form of videos or personalized video messages to your customers or integrate video product presentations into your emails.

Analysis and Optimization

Our support doesn’t end with the publication of the videos. Instead, we monitor the performance of the videos using metrics and analyses. Audience interactions and website statistics, such as the number of views, watch time, and engagement rate, are just a few examples of parameters we use for this purpose.

We can identify which content works well and where optimizations are needed. This could include adjusting the content, changing the distribution strategy, or modifying the target audience. All of this contributes to improving performance and achieving your goals.

Long-term success can only be guaranteed through continuous monitoring and adjustment.

Sounds interesting? … let’s discuss the right video for your idea or offer: Contact.