The #1 Sign That You Are Behind Your Competitors Online

At first, this may seem like an easy question. “How do I know if I am behind my competitors online? Sales of course… wait… no, Google SERPs… wait… local search results… ummmm….”

It’s not such an easy question to answer. There are SO many factors, and the way you answer the question probably depends on your own personal predication. However, keeping in mind changes in Google Algorithms, ranking signals, different marketing campaigns and techniques, I can put one thing above all others.

The #1 sign that you are behind your competitors online… lacking a responsive or mobile-friendly website.

Mobile is #1

Maybe that surprises you, but research shows that 57% mobile users will bounce from your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. These are lost contacts, leads, customers and sales. And we are not talking about just a few users. In 2015, Google officially announced that the number of mobile device searches had finally overtaken those done on desktops. That means that more than half of Google searches were done on a mobile device, and a report done by Hitwise in August of 2016 put that number closer to 60%.

Looking at this from another angle, if 60% of searches are done on a mobile device then it stands to reason that global positioning is being factored in. This is your direct path to local search results. “Proximity” is currently a strong ranking factor.

BUT, even if you are showing up in the local search results, what happens when that user clicks through to your website only to find a clunky, slow, unoptimized experience on their mobile device?

Bounce! Wave goodbye.

And do you think Google is not going to notice all these users clicking away from your website? Just like in the old days, a high bounce rate leads to unfavorable rankings because it is a strong indicator that your site either did not deliver the solution to the visitors problem/question, or more likely, your site did not deliver a favorable user experience.

“Mobile-Friendly” is the Answer to 4/5 Website Questions

I have heard it said that “money” is the answer to 4 out of 5 questions, but

When it comes to websites, "mobile-friendly" is the answer to 4 out of 5 questions.

“How can I easily update my website to attract more visitors?”

– Make it mobile-friendly.

“Why are so many people leaving my site after only seeing the homepage?”

– You need to make it mobile-friendly.

“How can I improve the rankings of my website in Google?”

– Make it mobile-friendly.

“How do I improve my site’s architecture, making it easier for visitors to navigate?”

– Make it mobile friendly.


“How do I know if my site is mobile-friendly?”

– Make it mobile-fr… whoops… check out the Mobile-Friendly Test from Google below!

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

The fact is, if you want to be visible online, a mobile or responsive website is the new standard. More than that, it’s not even really new! If your site is suffering from “non-mobile-friendly-itis” it is time to make a change. AHA Factory is here to help. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.

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