Context, Content, Conversion; Online Marketing is No Monarchy part 2

Last week we posted an article taking aim at the many misrepresentations of online and content marketing. So many analogies have likened online marketing to a monarchy of sorts. We challenged this type of thinking, because this form of marketing has many moving pieces, not just a single “supreme power” weiterlesen

Content, Context, Conversion; Online Marketing is No Monarchy Part 1

A Digital Monarchy? In 1996 Bill Gates was quoted as saying, “Content is King.” Since then, marketers have spun this quote into every direction possible.  “Content is king, conversion is queen”, “If content is king, context is God” and so on, and so forth. The problem is some of these weiterlesen

3 Reasons Inbound Marketing Won’t Work For Your Company

Ok, you caught us. Link bait title… but hey, you clicked it and you’re already here so you may as well read the article!   Now that we’ve given Brian Halligan the chance to return to his seat after falling out of it, let’s take a look at 3 common excuses companies use when asked weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 4: Delight your customers into repeat business

Whew! We’ve finally made it. This is the fourth and final part of our series on Inbound Marketing and what it means for the dreiländereck (tri-border region) and Basel based businesses. In this last installment we will cover the last step of the 4 Inbound Marketing Activities – Delight. If you thought weiterlesen