Lead Generation in Digital Marketing Strategies for Successful Campaigns

Every company needs clients. Clients are one of the main factors for measuring success and fostering growth. It is not possible to acquire customers within a few hours; it takes time, patience and good work to arouse interest of possible clients. Once you manage to arouse this interest and the person weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 4: Delight your customers into repeat business

Whew! We’ve finally made it. This is the fourth and final part of our series on Inbound Marketing and what it means for the dreiländereck (tri-border region) and Basel based businesses. In this last installment we will cover the last step of the 4 Inbound Marketing Activities – Delight. If you thought weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 3: How to close more deals and increase sales

Thanks for hanging in there as we continue to discuss the 4 Inbound Marketing Activities. We are half way there! In part 1 we dissected the first activity – Attract. In part 2 we took a deeper look at the second activity – Convert. If you missed these articles be sure to catch up with us before weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 2: How to get more leads for your business

In part 1 of this 4 part series we took a look at the first step& of the 4 Inbound Marketing Activities – Attract. In part 2 we will continue exploring Inbound Marketing by discussing the second step – Convert. AC/CD Step 2 – Convert Now that you’ve attracted visitors to your website it’s weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Part 1: How to attract the right visitors to your website

AC/CD Activity 1 – Attract We all know how crowded and LOUD the internet has become. Social Media has done wonders to connect us to each other, but it has also congested our lives with so much information that slicing through the garbage can be quite difficult. Not only are you competing with other weiterlesen

Online Marketing: What is Best for Your Basel Business

“Marketing KPIs,” “Sales Ready Leads,” “Conversion Rate,” “Marketing ROI,” “Lead Generation”… Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. For any modern marketer, these terms may begin to lose meaning over time. Worse than that, some of us might not even understand what they mean or weiterlesen

Inbound Marketing statistics you should know

The following Inbound Marketing statistics prove that Inbound works. We will continually add to them as we find more interesting numbers, data and facts for you. Unless otherwise mentioned, these statistics come from Hubspot. AHA Factory is a certified Hubspot agency partner for Inbound Marketing. Inbound weiterlesen