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WhatsApp Marketing: Go or No-Go?

This will be fun. Rank the following social mediums (without using Google) according to monthly active users; highest to lowest. Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Got it in your head? Now scroll down for the results.                 source: SumoMe Ok, Facebook. Duh, you got that one. But, wait, WhatsApp? Yes, that is correct. WhatsApp has more active monthly users than Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin COMBINED. If you live in…

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Streamline Sales And Marketing

Streamline Sales and Marketing: How to make a Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Sales and Marketing don't always agree (and as much as we may want to deny it, they are intrinsically linked). Both think they're right and they can't seem to fully understand the other. In the open, they seem to play well together, but behind closed doors it's often like this...   Sales and Marketing must learn how to work well together as one cannot effectively do their job without the other. But why exactly are these two departments notoriously…

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Millennial Video Habits and the Future of Buying (actionable tips)

Social Media, Smartphones, Selfies, Entitlement and... Spending power? Yes, Millennials (generally accepted as being born between 1980 and 1995) have overtaken Boomers as the most influential generation in terms of employment AND purchasing. According to Adweek, Millennials represent an estimated $2.45 TRILLION in spending power. Millennials have overtaken Boomers as THE influential generation in terms of employment and purchasing. This fact should perk the ears of EVERY company and brand. Why? Because this means Millennials are fueling the market…

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AHA Factory Arm Wrestling Marketing And Sales

We Need to Talk: The Marketing and Sales Disconnect

65% of marketers identify that their company’s top marketing challenge for 2017 is generating traffic and leads. This makes perfect sense as B2B marketing is all about lead generation. However, It is very few and far between that a hasty sale is made when a prospect enters your company’s B2B marketing loop. Because a B2B buyer’s journey is often lengthy, generating leads are the best way to gauge future sales success. Makes sense. However, the quantity of…

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Keep It Rolling 2

Keep It Rolling: 5 Steps to Integrate More Video into Your Content Strategy

The rise of video creation and consumption across the internet should not be surprising news to any marketer. Most of us have seen the statistics stating that - 55% of people surveyed consume video completely - as opposed to skimming a blog article... go ahead, it's ok if you skim this one too. However, did you know that over 72% of B2B buyers watch video throughout their ENTIRE path to purchase? Lets say that again: 72%…

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Trumpeting Final

“Trump”-eting: Marketing Your Way to Inauguration Day [3 Key Takeaways]

Friday. Inauguration day. Doomsday. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. Ok, this article is NOT a political rant. However, there will be the occasional stab. If you're okay with that, let's continue! Regardless of your political sway, as marketers there are some positive points we can all learn from in regards to the way the Trump Presidential campaign was constructed. And, unlike most of the President-elect's Tweets,…

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Digital Marketing Trends that will help us make our clients more successful in 2017

2016 brought about many fundamental changes in the way we work. These changes made our team more effective and our customers more successful. Because we use the available digital marketing tools ourselves, we needed less time and energy for acquisition – time that we were able to use for our customers and the strategic advancement of our services. In today's blog article, I would like to take a look at some of the current trends…

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Dr. Robert Goldman’s Future Predictions Post: A Marketer’s Reaction

Recently a very interesting, if not alarming, post on Facebook by Dr. Robert Goldman outlined a few of his future predictions. Mabe you have heard of him, or maybe not. He is known as the "anti-aging" doctor. His accolades are too numerous to list here, most of which involve sports medicine and healthy lifestyle. So, what on earth does Dr. Bob know about the future? Well, after reading his future predictions post you may think he knows a whole lot...or…

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