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Online Marketing in Basel: It’s Time to Let Go of Your Content Strategy

Control of your content strategy... it's time to let go. I don't mean you shouldn't plan your content. Editorial calendars are still important and a great way to keep everyone in your company informed and organized in their content creation. What I mean, is that where that content is posted may not be as important as you think. In business-dense areas like Basel, this may come as a shock to larger companies... and it may be music…

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Your Marketing Goals Aren’t Working – Stop the Guesswork and Start Working SMART

No matter how big or small our Basel businesses are, we all have goals we want to reach. But goals come in different shapes and sizes and are broken up into many levels, departments, time-frames, etc. For example, you may have visionary, high-level goals like "be the best in Basel in our industry", more specific goals like "gain 10 new clients per month" or goals that sit somewhere in between like "double in size this year."…

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Smarketing: Align Marketing and Sales and increase Leads and Customers

Smarketing. It's so much more than a cute buzzword. What's more, is that the results of Smarketing, if used correctly, can be an incredible tool for your organization. For those of us not yet familiar, Smarketing is a term made popular by Hubspot, and refers to the internal alignment of a company's Sales and Marketing efforts toward the same goal. How that is done, and to what extent, largely depends on the size and type of company.…

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Content Buyers Journey

How Online Marketing Content Guides Prospects Through the Buyer’s Journey

Lots of Content? Now What? You've got your magnet pointed directly at your market. You are increasing visitors to your site and they are consuming content... but are they consuming the right content? Are you losing visitors after a couple clicks? Are your visitors bouncing after just a single blog post instead of being enticed to venture further into your site? Believe me, you're not alone. It takes quite a bit of energy, time and resources to…

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What is the Buyer’s Journey and Why Do We Care?

It occurred to us here at AHA Factory that we often talk about the Buyer's Journey in our articles. After a recent discussion, we realized that we had not fully explained in any of our articles what the Buyer's Journey is, and why we find it so important! Now is the time to remedy that situation. If I asked my nephew, "What is the Buyer's Journey?" he would probably respond, "The journey that buyers go through."…

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Optimize SEO Keywords

Leveraging Keywords for SEO: Get Found and Drive Sales

We all know that keywords are important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But it's no longer about simply placing keywords throughout your website and blog post. Just like you, Google is a business that is doing it's best to bring value to it's users and customers. This is why they are consistently updating their search algorithms. With a little bit of elbow grease, it used to be relatively easy to be towards the top of…

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How to Match Your Online Marketing Approach to Your Consumers’ Needs

I came across a slightly older study (more than a year old, less than two years old) intended to show the consumer reaction to Inbound vs. Outbound marketing tactics. As I glanced over the data, I was able to extract a different understanding of the outcome than what the Moz/Fractl study had initially intended. From this data, it seems that consumers rely on different search practices depending on the type of information they want to consume. I know, SHOCKER,…

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B2b Black White

B2B Marketing Strategy Changes You Should Make Immediately

Mobile search has changed the way companies are getting found online. A great quote from Benedict Evans puts it simply into understanding, "It's actually the PC that has the limited, basic, cut-down version of the Internet... it only has the web." In other articles we have talked about the use of mobile video and how that can and should play a HUGE roll in your content strategy. In this article we will look at things at a…

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Video Marketing Breakdown: How to Include Video Throughout Your Entire Online Marketing Strategy

I am a HUGE fan of explainer videos! An explainer video is great for attracting prospects into the top of the “buyer’s journey funnel”, the journey that guides your prospects from simply being “aware” of you into “customers”. However, really great and effective video marketing will lead potential customers through their ENTIRE journey. Does this basic idea sound familiar? Does it sounds a lot like Inbound Marketing to you? It should! (If you are not yet familiar with Inbound Marketing, hop…

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