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The Top 15 Marketing Trends in 2024

To ensure that your marketing achieves the desired success for your business, it’s essential to stay updated on current marketing trends. This is the only way to build a long-term customer base and stand out from the competition.

Marketing trends are constantly changing, and what was popular yesterday may be outdated today. Relying solely on traditional marketing methods that have worked in the past may lead your company to quickly fall behind.

So let’s take a closer look at the current marketing trends in 2024.

To stay ahead in marketing this year, take a closer look at the following marketing trends in 2024:

Trend 1: AI as an Everyday Companion in Day-to-Day Marketing

Since last year, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been on everyone’s lips. Since this technology became accessible to the masses, it has become indispensable in marketing. The numerous possibilities offered by AI tools are revolutionary.

Therefore, delve into ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and similar tools extensively to stay up to date with their endless possibilities and make the best use of them.

AI tools are particularly useful in the following areas:

AI on a leash
  • Content research
  • Finding inspiration
  • Boosting creativity
  • Text generation
  • Creating plans
  • Image creation
  • Video creation
  • Audio creation
  • Market data analysis

While the capabilities of artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly impressive, it’s important to use them wisely. Although AI tools can support you in many areas of your business, they (fortunately) cannot replace human creativity entirely. If everyone were to publish only AI-generated content, it would lack individuality and creativity, which readers notice…

Trend 2: Storytelling and Video-Based Content

The trend of storytelling taking center stage in marketing has been evident for some time. Gone are the days when products were simply advertised based on their features. Nowadays, potential customers want to be convinced by an engaging, humorous, or creative story.

Let your creativity flow when creating content, and make sure to choose a story that your target audience can identify with.

For storytelling, videos are undoubtedly the best-suited medium. Through the use of videos, you have the opportunity to simplify complex topics and convey them in a way that everyone can understand. By using specific use cases, you can show why people choose your products or services. Moreover, video-based content offers you the chance to personally address your target audience.

Videos are not only crucial for your website. Nowadays, many platforms focus on videos – be it YouTube or TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Even for Instagram – a platform that originally thrived on photos – posting creative reels regularly gives you the best chance to go viral in 2024.

If you feel you need some support in the areas of storytelling and videos, feel free to contact us.

Trend 3: Values-Oriented Marketing

Since climate activists have been making regular headlines, it’s clear to everyone that younger generations, especially Millennials and Generation Z, are increasingly conscious of environmental and social responsibility.

This shift is also reflected in marketing trends. After all, these generations are the main target audience for many companies and increasingly expect brands to take responsibility. The way a company positions itself regarding its social responsibility is becoming increasingly important.


More and more consumers make purchasing decisions based on their personal values and, in case of doubt, choose companies that are socially engaged or environmentally friendly. A significant portion of consumers is even willing to pay more for these values.

This important marketing trend is not reserved for large corporations with enormous budgets only. Even small businesses with very limited marketing budgets can make a contribution and position themselves better. The summary of this marketing trend could therefore also be: Do good and talk about it.

You can achieve this, for example, through the following:

  • Promotional campaigns that raise awareness of social or environmental issues in addition to promoting your products.
  • Marketing campaigns in which part of the profits are donated to charity.
  • Advertising that highlights your company’s use of recyclable packaging.
  • Campaigns in which your company donates products to those in need.
  • Adherence to fair production and fair supply chains and corresponding, prominently placed labels on your website.

In general, whether your products or services are characterized by sustainability and environmental friendliness, social responsibility, or similar, it’s advisable to highlight these aspects in your marketing.

Trend 4: Social Commerce and Search Engines

Another marketing trend in 2024 that you should definitely look into is called “social commerce.” This term refers to the merging of social media platforms with online shopping and clearly demonstrates the changing behavior of consumers in the digital age.

Social media is increasingly serving as a search engine and online store. The younger generation in particular uses social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook to discover new products and brands. Traditional search engines are losing importance in this area. Just take a look at the comment sections of influencers: Questions such as “Where did you get that from?” are becoming more frequent.

However, this trend in social media is not limited to online shopping alone. Local businesses and restaurants can also benefit from it. More and more people use platforms such as TikTok to discover new restaurants, bars, hotels, or museums.

Therefore, it’s essential to take advantage of the often free opportunities offered by social media. Create a convincing profile showcasing your products or services and implement a marketing strategy tailored to your target audiences. Research what your target audience is looking for and incorporate relevant keywords and hashtags into your captions. Try to create viral posts to reach a broader audience, run advertisements, and consider collaborations with influencers.

Trend 5: Influencer Marketing

Also, in 2024, influencer marketing is indispensable. Over the past few years, this form of marketing has become a billion-dollar business, following a concept that has existed for centuries: word-of-mouth marketing. People are more likely to buy a product if it’s recommended by someone they know and trust.

What used to happen during gatherings with friends and family or at meetings with acquaintances at the weekly market has been modernized for the digital age and revived in the form of social media marketing.

This involves collaborating with an influencer who presents the respective product or service on their account – for example in the form of a story, a reel, or a post. It’s important to carefully select these influencers. Not only should they generally represent the values ​​your company stands for, but it’s also important to check beforehand whether their followers largely align with your target audience.

While collaborations have often been short-lived in recent years, this year more and more brands are emphasizing long-term partnerships with so-called “brand ambassadors”. This can further increase trust among the target audience and authenticity.

If you keep all this in mind, influencer marketing can bring you several significant benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced reach to your target audience
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Building trust
  • Lead generation
  • Boost in sales

Since large influencers with many thousands of followers often demand prices that are unaffordable for small businesses, more and more companies are turning to so-called micro-influencers. These content creators are less known but often place more value on authentic content. At the same time, they are usually closer to your target audience and value genuine connections. Therefore, when choosing influencer collaborations, it may be worth considering micro-influencers as well.

Trend 6: User-Generated Content

It doesn’t always have to be professional influencer marketing. Another trend in 2024 is content generated by users themselves.

This can be videos in which your products are used, for example as part of a makeup tutorial. Or a consumer posts an unboxing video, unpacking their order. Perhaps a customer simply posts a photo featuring your product, tagging your company or mentioning it in hashtags.

This marketing trend is hardly surpassed in terms of authenticity. After all, consumers receive recommendations from actual customers, which further enhances trust compared to influencer marketing.

You don’t need a large budget or a lot of time for this marketing strategy. Simply encourage your customers to showcase your product on social media.

Trend 7: Conversational Marketing

Gone are the days when lead generation mainly took place via forms on the website. In today’s fast-paced world, things need to happen faster. Therefore, conversational or conversation-oriented marketing is increasingly on the rise.

This online marketing trend means that people are contacted and communicated with directly as soon as they visit the website.

Since, of course, no one can wait 24 hours for website visitors, AI automation methods are being used to help. Intelligent chatbots are at the forefront, actively interacting with users and enabling real-time communication.

Trend 8: Optimized SEO for Voice Assistants (Voice Search SEO)

More and more people are using voice assistants for their internet searches. Since voice search is still relatively new, it can be worthwhile for companies to be quick and adapt their information accordingly. This way, you can not only avoid falling behind but also stay one step ahead of your competitors.

You have the opportunity to optimize your content for voice search, aiming for voice assistants to prefer your content when answering users’ questions.

Since dialog-style texts are often used for this purpose – just like the conversation with the voice assistant – it’s essential to adjust your featured snippets accordingly. Focus more on long-tail keywords and put yourself in your target audience’s shoes when formulating questions.

If you need help with SEO topics, we can gladly take care of SEO support for you.

Trend 9: Crossmedia

Crossmedia refers to the bridge between print media and digital media. This trend has been emerging for a while and is likely to continue growing in 2024. More and more companies recognize the potential of virtual reality and augmented reality for their marketing tactics.

Virtual or augmented reality can provide users with a realistic experience from the comfort of their homes. Virtual clothing try-ons or the popular feature by Sephora, where users can virtually try on makeup, are leading the way.

To make users aware of these possibilities, many companies use crossmedia actions, such as QR codes in traditional print advertising. Through print media sent to your leads, you can offer them an additional experience in the form of an immersive AR-based experience using a printed QR code. This way, you can not only promote your products better but also leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

For example, imagine you sell furniture and send out a catalog showcasing your range. Now, you use AR technology to offer viewers added value: You print a small QR code on each piece of furniture in the catalog that users can scan to visualize the respective piece of furniture on their phone in their own home.

By using these technologies, you can stand out from your competitors, create a “wow” effect with potential customers, and generate more purchases – leading to fewer returns.

Trend 10: Inclusion in Marketing

The ubiquitous themes of inclusion, diversity, and equality also play an important role in marketing trends in 2024. Gone are the days when advertising was exclusively based on typical roles. After all, you should make sure to address all parts of your target audience with your marketing.

If your marketing campaigns feature people of different genders, skin colors, and body types, you can ensure to reach a broader audience and build trust and authenticity.

Trend 11: Unique Packaging

Storytelling also plays a major role in packaging in 2024. Due to the vast number of shops offering almost the same product, it makes sense to attract attention and curiosity with creative ideas, expand brand visibility, and strengthen brand identity. This way, you can help turn one-time customers into loyal ones.


Instead of shipping your products in conventional packaging, you can design unique packaging that tells a story. The goal should be for the packaging to be just as special and attractive as the actual content. This way, you can stay memorable and differentiate yourself from others.

Tell the story of your brand or the respective product in a vivid way. This could be, for example, a short comic or a meaningful image. If you want to expand the campaign, you can also design several different product packages, each telling a different aspect of the story, with your customers being able to collect them.

Trend 12: Spatial Customer Loyalty

In times of crisis (it’s undeniable that we are currently in one due to the unrest and wars), many people long for the familiar and tried-and-tested. And this familiarity often has a local connection. Therefore, an important marketing trend in 2024 is spatial customer loyalty or spatial-loyalty marketing.

Therefore, it can be useful to use geomarketing and local SEO to address potential customers focusing on the neighborhood. Emphasize your regional aspect to earn points and stand out from your competitors.

Trend 13: Branded Podcasts

The number of people regularly listening to podcasts is steadily increasing. The advantages are obvious: you can drive, clean the house, or simply close your eyes and relax while listening to exciting, educational, or entertaining topics.

For this reason, more and more companies are discovering podcasts for themselves. After all, they offer a great way to increase your brand awareness and improve your image. If you don’t want to set up and market your own podcast right away, collaborating with already established podcasts is the best option.

Trend 14: Marketing Automation and Hyper-Personalized Marketing

The trend towards increasing automation in marketing is strongly linked to AI technologies. These technologies allow us to analyze vast amounts of data accurately, extract patterns from the results, and thus deliver content precisely tailored to individual user preferences. This makes marketing efforts more effective and successful, ultimately fostering customer loyalty.

This year, potential customers expect even more personalized and tailored communication. That’s why all communication between your brand and potential customers should sound as if it were created specifically for that particular customer.

Hyper-personalization means that you should address people on a personal level with your marketing to create unique customer experiences. Offers, product recommendations, and content should always be as personal as possible. Whether it’s email marketing or year-end reviews (à la Spotify Wrapped), hyper-personalized marketing can also take your company a big leap forward.

Trend 15: Improved User Experience

Once again in 2024, the so-called User Experience (UX) will be of utmost importance. The usability of all channels of a company has a decisive influence on marketing success, lead generation, and overall customer satisfaction.

Despite all the marketing trends, don’t forget that your website is your most important marketing tool. While you can attract users to your company through marketing strategies on other channels, in most cases, they should ultimately be directed to your website.

The usability of your website determines whether a user associates a positive experience with your company or not. It can be the crucial factor in whether a lead converts into a paying customer.

In addition to some basic principles of SEO-friendly web design that always apply, such as intuitive navigation and a simple layout, there are also ever-changing trends in UX design.

These trends in 2024 include, among others:

  • Videos
  • Minimalism (i.e. fairly simple website designs)
  • Bold colors
  • Free templates to download
  • Animated elements

Implementing one or more of these trends on your website can enhance usability and improve the customer experience.

Marketing trends change rapidly, making it increasingly important for companies to keep their eyes open for new trends to avoid falling behind. The most important marketing trends in 2024 clearly revolve around social media platforms and advanced technologies related to artificial intelligence. However, values, inclusion, and authenticity are also becoming increasingly important for consumers, so you should incorporate these points into your marketing strategies as well.

Yes, the marketing world is undergoing rapid change, and not every innovation may resonate with everyone. Nevertheless, it’s essential to embrace the changes and incorporate some of the marketing trends of 2024 into your own marketing strategies. Use the trends from this post to build strong relationships with your customers, position yourself authentically, and create brand recognition.

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, always keep an eye on current trends and changes in trends. Get into the habit of recognizing new trends and reacting quickly to them. But most importantly, stay true to yourself and your brand, which is why a blend of proven methods and new, current marketing trends is often recommended.

In general, the rule is: the more creative your marketing ideas are, the better!

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